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Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 6!

Hello one and all
This week has been good! We taught the first time in Chinese and it was crazy! I can't believe how well it went. Considering we got the message across, the spirit was there, we could understand, and it was just a good time! Still need for improvement, well lots of improvement. It’s neat to know the spirit speaks in every language. I love the experiences here, they are all so unique as well as the people. Deng zhang lao for example. He said he wants to create a flowbie for black people to make their corn rows. It’s his next project. He still talks in his sleep at night and well is... Deng zhang lao. Today we went to the temple and it was an interesting yet spiritual experience. This man during the session starting having spasms. The session was stopped and one of the men came and asked if he was ok. He said this happened occasionally and he would just sit it through. He also said he would suffer through it. He mentioned how he went to the doctor's and they said there was nothing to do but sit through it. My heart went out to this man as he was fighting the suffering he said. It made me realize our Savior felt that suffering and he knows when we are in the greatest pain. The spirit hit me hard as I saw as the Savior did in a way. I wish I could have taken that pain from him. It also showed me how much the Gospel means to this man, he refused to leave and insisted on going through the whole session. He loves the Gospel so much he was unwilling to give into his schophrenic spasms. (He also mentioned he had schizophrenia) I just challenged myself at that point to always be committed to the gospel as he is, not letting anything stand in my way. I challenge all of you to commit yourselves as this man has demonstrated.
With love,

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