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Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 10! Now we really are counting down....

(That's from one of the most popular languages at the mtc) Things are going great! I forgot to mention that we were in the New York Times the other day. Check us out.

Also this last week was definitely an interesting one. I had this killer headache for six days straight. So I went to the health clinic they gave me a couple of pills. Doing fine now. At the health clinic I happened to mention that I had an ingrown toenail. It was a little infected. (I think partially due to the fact I tried to pull it out myself) So they sent me to a podiatrist (I think) He cut part of my toenail out (now my feet aren’ beautiful anymore since part of the toenail is missing.) Then it gets better. I wasn't feeling too good, little nauseated whatever, so my teacher told me to go to the health clinic, I did and the nurse was worried asked the doctor and they decided I need to go to the BYU Health Center. Lucky me! I went they checked me out. Wondered if it was my appendix, and decided to take a blood test. Test came back and I am normal and will survive. I can still go to Taiwan.

So that is my extraordinary week. It really taught me the importance the co-pays are... I am a missionary so I'll just say they are tebie, special.

Yeah so on a lighter note, we leave next Thursday! We have to report to the travel office at 4 am (again lucky!) Go to Salt Lake, after fly to Detriot, have an hour layover give or take then go to Taiwan making for a 22 hours 40 minute flight! Tell me you aren't jealous. It’s all good because we are doing this for the right cause! I am thrilled I have this opportunity to serve and learn how to love this people and help them.

Well the spiritual thought for the week is about the Atonement. We had Bro Heaton speak (Love when he speaks) he said the atonement is more than just coming at one with the Savior and God, it’s also coming at one with family. Through the Atonement our families can be strengthened. More than that, they can live together forever, what a marvelous blessing that the ones who take care of us can always be with us. Also in Doctrine and Covenants 15.6... I think... it says we can be together with those we convert as well. They will be eternal friends. Again I am so thankful for this gospel and know it is true and the church is Christ's Church today.
Elder Townsend

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