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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 8! Counting down to Taiwan!

Awasyio! (Hello in Korean)
Wow, it's insane to think that I now only have 3 weeks left! Pretty soon I will be in Taiwan wondering what language they will be speaking. Anyway, today was my Companion's bday and for his birthday I bought him a new pen. That's the hot commodity at the mtc, which kind of pen you rock. I have been really digging the pilot g and this new highlighter. Now don't tell my life can get more exciting than this. This week we taught the second lesson in Chinese in the trc all in zhongwen for the first time. It was crazy, I was surprised at how it went. My companion and I were able to understand a lot. We have learned that the best way to teach is straight out of the scriptures and just ask questions. It puts all the focus on them and their relationship with God. We just help them understand how the gospel affects them now and how it applies to them.

I can't think of anything crazy deng zhang lao has done this week. Sorry to disappoint. The quote though from him is" wild dreams are what dreams are made of". Not bad, it had us rolling on the floor.

We had some pretty cool speakers Elder Kearon from the seventy and Stephen Allen. During Bro Allen's talk he had  elders and sisters share some of their turbulence they have have been facing. One elder hadn't seen his dad in two  and half years talked to him for 3 hrs before coming on his mission and his dad was redeployed again when he got in so he won't talk to his dad for another two years again. Rough. Just have to remember there are others who are sacrificing so much more than I and are facing harder times than I might ever will. Trust in the Savior and he'll provide.

For the spiritual thought. It comes from an experience I had this week. Our teacher told us to say a prayer, prepare whatever you feel and just go out and teach that one person who needed to hear whatever message we are prompted to share. It was a bit intimidating but it was probably one of the most spiritual experiences thus far. We came in contact with an elder in the laundry room who was preparing to go out to the field. Not knowing what to share with him we just started asking questions. We found out he was feeling nervous. All of the sudden I was impressed to share Alma 57. 26-27. it’s about the stripling warriors and not doubting in the power of God and their preservation. I bore my testimony and the spirit was super powerful. I can tell you we must rely upon the spirit. When we do and just like the 2000 stripling warriors, never doubt and go do. The spirit will fill our mouths with words we need to say and we exercise the power of God.
Elder Townsend

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  1. You are already a great missionary. Keep up the good work.