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Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 9......

It’s down to two weeks left before I leave to Taiwan. Very strange. But its ok I need to get out there and share the message. Nothing really exciting has gone on down here. Just studying like crazy. We have this goal of not speaking any English now. I figure since this is writing it’s ok to be in English. It’s hard but it's really fun. The dictionary has become my best friend.
The other day I spent trying to translate a verse in the Book of Moses. It’s fun but honestly hard.
I am so thankful for Joseph Smith who translated the Book of Mormon. He did that with the Spirit of God without a doubt.

Deng zhang lao has an alternate ego called the purple prince. He loves purple. So we created an archenemy, the crimson crusader. It’s hilarious we have four or five elders in this. We do random little things and leave notes from the crimson crusader. For example, last night we flipped over his bed. The other night we had an elder dress in red and come "attack" him. By attack he grabbed his purple "cape" and ran.

The last trc we had was great. I can't believe we can actually communicate in another language. A lot of the time we don't understand what they are saying but the Spirit takes care of that part and helps us understand. That's the great gift of tongues.

Well, I guess since I don't have too much I'll leave you with the spiritual thought. Moroni 10:4-5. Prayer is the most crucial tool we have been given. It's wonderful to know that if we have a sincere heart and ask God for an answer, we can receive through the Holy Ghost. There are two things we need to do to receive this. The first I just mentioned. Have a all heart sincerity ask God and We need to have faith in Jesus. That means we have to act upon our answer. God won't keep giving answers if you don't act. You aren't really using a sincere heart if you aren't willing to act. I challenge everybody to take Moroni's challenge and to sincerely ask God if the Book of Mormon is true, read it, and then Act upon it. Prayer truly is our way to communicate with God.
Elder Townsend

I can see that Buster is starting to phrase things as if he were speaking Chinese, meaning the order in which he puts together a sentance. I try not to correct too much.... but I am afraid the gift of translation will be needed in Buster's letters as he moves forward to Taiwan!

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