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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Discovery of the dead dog

Well another week gone by way too fast. A bit scary, but I have to be grateful for the time I have (but, if there is a way to make the time last a bit longer let me know)
This week I was everywhere besides Taidong it felt like and is partially true.
Tuesday I went up to Yuli and did work! It was great I was with a bundy elder Su. We were outside tracting and he went to one side of the street and I took the other.. whala. Do work. Meet some really cool people (and not so cool) got some set ups etc. We hit one house together and the ama let us in with a bunch of her grandkids. We were teaching about prayer and the holy Ghost. She liked it but she was a bit in another world. 
Our lesson was kind of going nowhere and then walks her 15 year old grandson. Elder Su and I look at each other and just move to direct most of our teaching to him. It went great, I invited him to baptism, Elder Su sealed it with a date. I love how the Lord will provide ways for us to find people. He always will provide. If that ama hadn't let us in, and we hadn't done our part of teachin' and preachin', we would have never had the opportunity to meet him.
Heavenly Father also has a sense of humor. He totally helped me Tuesday night and wednesday morning and I felt like my Chinese was at the top of its game, but that wednesday night. It was another thing going. I was having a hard time speaking. Its ok its things like that makes me just lean upon him even more. 
Friday went up to Hualian. Elder Riches had a meeting so I went with Elder Fang to go do service! We went to Wen dixiong's work and he gave us some yard tools. Right across from his work there was this field with what remained of a house. It was a wall and a roof. Went over there and lo and behold a homeless wang dixiong lived underneath there. The man was pretty raggedy, but he is still a brother and a child of God. Basically what we had to do was cut all the grass which was probably to my waist to chest range high. Luckily we had a pretty great tool for that, unfortunately, that meant only person could work. AKA me. ha It was all good I went to town on the grass/mini trees. I was cutting and came across a pretty big bag, but it was full of something which I thought was sand or something. While I was doing it started to smell really bad and then went away.
 Later After I had cleared a bit away, Elder Fang asked if he could move the bag. He went over to it and back away. He told me to come over. I went over and look at the bag and it had a ton of maggots. Look inside the bag and I see what looks like ribs. I thought what was going on? I take a step back and saw I had hit the bag with the scythe tool I was using. out of the hole was black hair. I then realized it was a dead dog someone had thrown into a bag. Elder Fang grabbed the bag and threw it out of where we were working the Homeless man, wang dixiong just started gagging and kept spitting. I thought it was bad, but not that bad. Anyways I keep going and we finish, share a message with him and invited him to come to church, find a job, and if he does these things baptism.
Elder Fang and I get back to the church and Elder Riches and I need to be in the train station in oh 15 mins. A taxi to the train station takes about 15 mins or so. We find a taxi and Start going. I prayed so hard that we would make it. The Taxi driver was slow but somehow we get there with a minute. Run to train and hop on. The train left less than 20 seconds later. I was thanking Heavenly Father so much for the miracle.
Had a couple of other things go on but I am out of time!
Lots of Love,
Elder Townsend

(taitung sunset and mango bing!)

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