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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life in Taiwan, life is good...

This Preparation day we decided to go up to Fei yu's (Flying Fish) and do service. Thought it would be fun and guess what? It was.
We got up there they gave us lunch and after Fei yu pulled out his guitar and started playing a few songs (improv mostly) and we would sing the songs in Chinese. It was fantastic, probably not our singing, actually I'm sure our singing wasn't, but the experience was. After having fun we got to the real "fun". What we had to do was move a bunch of sand (not kidding we creating a mini mountain) to another place so it wouldn't get dirty. haha It was a bit strange but we love the members so it was no big deal!
Tuesday we meet with this Tony Wang. We also had Elder Vanwagoner with us, He is one of the zone leaders (By the way he graduated from Riverton High School)  We had contacted him the other day on the road and invited him to meet with us. So he came. We told about our purpose got to know, him, and invited him to baptism. He accepted. Not quite sure how he took the message in but we are hoping for the best that he will do the things he needs to prepare himself for baptism. After our meeting with him he asked if he could come chuan jiao (proselyte) with us. Ha We let him and it was great, we still had a lesson that night and we decided it would be ok if he came. The man we were meeting with was also new and so it was kind of fun experience. We asked Tony how the spirit made him feel and he said happy! After We invited the new investigator for baptism, but before that we asked Tony what baptism was. He enthusastically replied "For the remission of your sins!" Ha we were trying so hard not to laugh because we did not expect that answer but he's right! Ha That person also accept the invitation to be baptized.

This Friday we went up to Taipei. It was crazy! I am a little country bumpkin I have found out! Ha Taipei is huge and yeah. ha We listened to Elder Jensen and his Fireside was really interactive and inspirational. I had a ton of personal revelation! It was great, I think one of the strongest impressions I received was at the beginning when he said thank you for the opportunity to shake our hands, the hands of messangers of God, who are the only hope for this fallen world. It was intense. I was also good to see all my buddies from the mtc and to catch up with them for a second. They are all great, except it sounds like they've almost died from being hit by buses, cars, and bitten by insects. I am grateful that I really don't have that big of problem.
Finally our Branch President invited us up to his place to eat again. It was fun because we had two part member families and it was fun to talk to them and get to know their husbands. Oh! Also sunday I had to give my first official talk in Church. Scary but the topic was xinlai shen ranhou qu zuo, trust in God and go and do. Ha it was good, it was crazy because of the lack of time but I challenge everyone to read alma 38.4-5 (I think?) its about shiblon and his dad Alma. Alma teaches shiblon how through his patience and him trusting in God how God will provide and support and eventually eternal life.
Well lots of love from Taiwan
Elder Townsend

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