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Friday, June 17, 2011

Taiwanese Wedding and more

I forgot to mention that I attended a Taiwanese Wedding! Ha It was hilarious. The more corny it is, the better, the decorations looked like a 1980's prom (no offense) and the music was yeah. Ha it was funny, I had to share a blessing with them which was really weird. I forgot both chinese and english. ha oh well. But they are aborigine so they did an aborigine dance which was way fun to tell the truth. The whole wedding I couldn't stop laughing at how funny it was fun. Taiwanese are just too perfect in my heart. They really don't care about being goofy and how really how nice something is. As long as they are a big family they are happy.
Also Hermie graduated high school so he is moving back to cheng gong, I feel bad I could help him into the baptismal font but its all in the Lord's time. Long live the Hermster!

This guy looks a little "stiff necked"

Elder Townsend

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