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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Still welcome to the East side....(Buster's title)

So this weekend our transfered ended so means move calls... I am staying in Taidong! Same with the Companion. So all is good! It was a bit stressful because I was not prepared to move out at all but now I can start preparing in case of next transfer. Man time flies by, one of the sisters here (she has been in Taitung for a year) went home today. I saw how hard it was for her to go home and I thought that wasn't a good sign for me. But nevertheless, I will enjoy the time here in taitung and in taiwan.
Well for Preparation day we went up to this mountain and had a great view. It really was unreal. Pictures can't do justice for what it is really like. That's a fact. Anyways, after we went to the beach. I was looking in the tidepools and I saw these tentacle things. At first I thought I stumbled upon a mini octopus, but it turned it out be a starfish! There were a ton of them!  They would just crawl around. I never imagined starfish just chilling and walking around like that. 
So for lunch we went to an American Restaurant. I about died. Do you realize how good American food is? Probably not. Not saying Taiwanese food is bad, just that a majoritity of it taste exactly the same. I love but I need a little variety.
Couple of big things that happened this week, we got a sister in the branch's husband to accept the baptismal invite! He has meet with missionaries before but has always had problems with it. He was pretty excited about it. Ha he is a super funny guy. So the plan for him is to go over all the lessons and help him quit smoking, coffee, and tea. (Currently about 20 cigarettes a day which is not to bad since a year ago he smoke over 40 a day) He is a cop so they always a big smoking problem.
Next big thing is that tuesday we had companion exchanges it went pretty great but there was one problem. We get back to the apartment and realize my keys are gone. We went looking for them and ended up going to the south Elder's apartment to get my companion's keys. Kind of giant punch in the stomach but that's life. Just said an even bigger prayer to find them. Next day we go and do work. We get back to the church, look for the keys, no success. We were outside in the parking lot changing back companions and I notice on the garbage can my keys!!! Truly my prayer was answered. Such a blessing it would have horrible to have lost those. I quickly said a prayer of thanks for allowing me to find my keys.
I just have to say that there really are prepared people in Taiwan, as we talk and meet with these people they really do have a desire to learn and change their lives to know them. Mainly this week was just composed of little miracles along the way to keep us going. From having a investigator fang us, but having another investigator show up out the blue to meet with us at time is just one of them. Its fun how Heavenly Father will provide ways for people to grow.
Probably the one of the biggest things for me this week that might seem small to the rest of you is that Yu rui showed up to church. It was amazing! I had meet with him on tuesday and I asked him why he doesn't come to church and he said it was boring. (I have learned to call those days, the "real intent" days) But I still invited him and he gave the usual shi shi kan (I can try). So him showing up was a enormous blessing for me.
Well I hope everyone is doing well and still loving the States or wherever you might be. Enjoy the Food, but more importantly remember Heavenly Father loves you, You are his child. Jesus Christ welcomes you with widespread arms. Come join his flock and be a heir of the Kingdom of God.

Elder Townsend

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