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Monday, August 8, 2011

ahhhh.... August 1st letter

Well the big news.... I moved! I left my beloved home in Taidong to the other side of the island (Still avoiding the Taipei city). I am now in the west north part of the island called xin zhu. My new companion is Elder Millet, his family currently dwells in spanish fork. Ah it was so rough. I had a feeling I would be moving so I had already packed my stuff up. Its rough to because we had found some amazing investigators to at the end. I guess over all it feels unreal that I was ever there. Not till the last day did I learn how I loved them. I shared my little good bye testimony. After sacrament zhang mama came up to me and said my son has to move? you aren't going to see jun cheng's baptism. She was crying a little bit and I about broke down. Having gone to her house so many times and having her come out telling us that her son went off drinking and never came back yet, I realized how amazing of women she is. She really became my mom (one of many). I also realized a mother's love for a child. (Yes I am sure a father's is the same/about) I will miss that little woman 77 years old, has a golden heart, works hard everyday, and not afraid to spit fire. (We had a taiwanese elder translate what she would say sometimes after jun cheng went smoking). She was also really sad too because she never got to take me fishing. So when I ever get back to Taidong, one of the first things I am going to do is go fishing with zhang mama.
This wednesday I went out with chen meng xin and elder Wang. Chen meng xin tagged along me with me. That is a future Ammon/Alma/Aaron all those great missionaries. It was pretty fun we just did work together. Also he isn't afraid to share the Gospel with his friends. He is willing to go and do the Lord's work. He has brought at least 5 friends to come meet with us. My goal right now is to develop courage like him. He is truly amazing.
The hou jia ting was another hard one to say goodbye to. Hou dixiong has always been so funny. Whenever we asked him what we could do to help him, without fail, he would say, "eat more" (In chinese). Ha once he had called us over and said that he needed help, we went over sat us down at the kitchen table and said, "now you can help me eat all this food I cooked." Ha I really want my family to be like his one day. Him and his wife are just amazing and they have some of the cutest little kids. Their daughter always wanted to jump! So she would hold onto my hands and I would help her jump! ha I remember one time we were all at cai hui zhang and she wanted to play hide n go seek on the roof of his house. There was absolutely no places to hide, but we couldn't deny her sweet little face and say we didn't want to play.
I think the hardest to say good bye to was Wang jia ting. They just had gotten back from gaoxiong so we swung by to say good bye. I said goodbye and wang ba made me super sad and same with wang ma. Wang ma said she wanted to hug me, but of course that is not allowed so she hugged wang ba and wang ba hugged me again. I started tearing up. I couldn't handle saying goodbye to them. This morning wang ba called me and said that he would miss me and to come to visit him when I came back to taiwan. He made me get all choked up again. That is another family that I want my family to be like. Just so giving and loving.
I had to say goodbye to shen hong yu. That was pretty rough too. His little cousin has been with him and he was pretty sad I had to leave, but he was still his goofy self. Funny that the difference the two is three years and yet hong yu is double the size of little cousin. ha I can't wait to hear about his baptism. He is so close and I am not worried about him. There are great members at church who will take care of him.
I also can't forget Jerry lin, the greatest man alive, Lin chao wei, wang hong ming, song dixiong, qiu bo yuan, fei yu, and all of my other amazing friends down there. Even though I have had all those amazing experiences and meet even more amazing people, I know I will meet just as amazing people here in xin zhu (at least that is what I will tell myself) This is still the Lord's work no matter where I will go, all I am is a tool in the Lord's hands and I need to become what he wants me to be, so I must willfully submit to his will as Jesus Christ so perfectly demonstrated in The sacred grove of gethesame and the Upon the Cross of Calvary.
Lots of Love,

Elder Townsend

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