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Monday, August 8, 2011

Wei/ July 24th letter

Hope Everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer! Here in Taidong, Taiwan, its nice hot and humid. Its in the 90's with out of control humidity. Don't worry I drink lots and lots of water.
This week we had the zone leaders come down for our district meeting. It was good, The picture is of our unity! ha It's called the Fireman pushup I believe. We also had the opportunity to have Elder Leavitt and come proselyte with us after! He goes home next week and it has been a real pleasure and blessing to be able to know him. He is an amazing missionary had has put his whole heart into serving the Lord. No doubt that the Lord is pleased with his work. He has changed many lifes and I hope to be at least a fraction of the type of missionary he is. But at the same time everyone is different and I will be Elder Townsend, another servant of the Lord. All the apostles had different attributes that helped them touch the hearts of the people, but one commoninality is they all are/were bold.
Boldness takes a lot of effort and courage. Everyday we are out on the street inviting people to come unto Christ. To be able to feel of his love. It is a foreign concept to them and takes courage on their part as well to go and do. That's one reason why missionary work is so difficult, it requires lots of courage and desire.
One brave soul we encountered this week was Daniel wang. 18 years old. Great kid, has a desire to fill those holes he feels he has in his life. He came from a Christian background, but still it is a change in to the Restored Gospel of Christ. Its amazing how the spirit can create an environment where they will open and talk. My favorite part is when we have a member present and when the investigator and member bond. It is the best thing in the world. Its hard to go through life by yourself. So grateful for the members here and back home. More importantly grateful for our best friend. He sacrificed his life for us. I know my Redeemer lives.
Lots of love,
Elder Townsend

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