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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 14th letter...Hello!

Last week had a bit but the main things I'll share will be English Class Monsters, Chen dixiong, Thomas, Tian, and Jenny Phillips.
English Class Monsters.
Probably self explanatory. So Elder Siebert (Who I think is exactly like Rudy, Also does anyone know if Rudy is still alive?) and I were waiting for the kid class and they hadn't showed up with they came about half an hour or so late and it became the hardest hour of my life. It was as if someone had let Satan into the Church. Luckily they didn't have knifes or they would have thrown those around and possibly killed someone. They would not be good. So we tried to play games, because that was they only thing that wasn't too out of control. It was really it feels like it was just babysitting their kids. Ah I can't even describe the chaos that takes place. So the reason why I share this is. 1. English Class is a nightmare. 

 3. Always have a (responsible) parent present who can control kids. 4. This wasn't a good way to encourage us to have kids
Chen dixiong
We had been contacting down at the park and had no success, it was time for dinner so we decided to go, but before we left I saw this man on a bench (different bench) and decided to invited to start studying the restored gospel with us. He said yes and we met him on Saturday. Super humble and great. We got him a baptismal date and set up the next time to meet with him. Hopefully start getting him to come to church and be baptized! So remember the biggest blessings might come at the very last minute or after you have "done your work". (work is never really done)
One of the pictures I attached is our great ward mission leader Thomas. His English is amazing. Basically, He is American in what he likes, speaks, and does (except he is Taiwanese and doesn't live in America) This is after our correlation meeting and he is just being great. He is super awesome because he can help me with words I don't know in Chinese and English. He is just a funny man. He is definitely one of my best friends here in Taiwan.
Tian dixiong
Well we had a list of potentials and I just started calling them. About the eighth number a kid answered and I started talking to him and I tried to set him up. He asked if we could meet tonight and luckily we had Finding time planned (so yes we had room) so we went over to the church real quick and we met with him. It went great. He was really funny, we talked about the spirit, how the holy ghost can bless our lives, prayer, scriptures, and finally we set him a baptismal date. It was pretty funny he would throw a little English out he knew and little taiyu.
Last but not least Jenny Phillips to zhu bei (She is a big lds singer). She was really good our investigator daniel huang really liked it! It was a little hard though to have the spirit though because one of the English Monsters (The worst of the worst) was sitting right in front of me. Everytime I saw him I wanted to go nuts. I need to repent and love him but oh man he is truly sent from below. Anyways Daniel Huang's baptism is in two weeks so it should be great!
Lots of love!
Elder Townsend

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