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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August 23 letter

Well time flies by!
Sorry I wasn't able to email on our normal preparation day. It was changed today because we are going to go to the Temple!!! Its my first time in over 5 monthes to go to temple so I am pretty excited. I am excited to go rest from the world and be in a place of peace. To tell you the truth, Taiwan is covered with filth aka pornography. Billboards, dress, shops, and any form. Their really isn't a safe place to divert your eyes in a place like this. Its sad because of a how strong of a destructive force is being imposed upon everyone. It destroys the sacredness of our own physical tabernacles. Also there is just smoking, drinking, chewing betel nut and whatever else is out there as well. So I am so grateful I can go to the temple to rest from those cares and concerns and be able to rest and mediate in the Lord's presence. I never realized before my mission how big a blessing the temple is in our lives. Its something that needs to used to the fullest if we want to receive all, feel all, and understand all.
Well last week. Last week was a bit tougher of week but it had some of its ups and downs. Last week my trainer, Elder Sessions went on exchanges with my companion and me. It was great! It was so nice to be able to work with him again. He helped me to remind me of how I used to be when I first got on the island and I needed that. Lately all of the feels like the unsuccess we've had and everything else have taken a toll on me so It was really to be able to be reminded why I am here. Not that I was slacking off, but I had lost of the enthusiam I had before and was struggling.
A majority of our investigators aren't progressing as much as they should, but one of them had huge leap and bound in progression! Lennart zhuang he did the homework we gave him and it strengthened his Testimony and helped him receive his much needed revelation! He was struggling with a few things, but when he did his part, he got closer with the Lord. He is just one step closer to baptism now. Hopefull he can continue to progress as we are now racing time before he goes back to Taipei to start school.
Another Investigator daniel huang (Don't all of you love these american names?) had a baptismal interview. In the interview he decided he wasn't prepared to be baptized. So Yesterday we sat down with him and talked about his concern Joseph Smith. It was really good the spirit was there. I know Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration. A lot of people will judge him because he has made a mistake in his life, but they never realize that they too have mistakes that cover them. Joseph Smith like all of us through the Savior's atonement can repent. (Sorry A bit of chinese grammar) Well I am out of time but lots of love and I know that Through joseph smith, god and jesus restored the plan of salvation!
Elder Townsend

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