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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Elder T and VBE taking on the world...or at least a tiny part in Taiwan

Hello other side of the world!
Isn't that crazy? I have been over here for over 6 monthes now... New announcement I think I'll stay. Two years isn't long enough.
Anyways back to the real business. Elder VanDenBerghe and I spent a lot of time again finding. We found some greats and not so friendlies... but overall we were good. By the end of the week we were both so dead and tired. Also I have been teaching Elder VDB to pound up the giant bridge by our house. (He still needs a little work on it, its a little hard when you are super skinny) Well this tuesday we were riding to zhubei for district meeting and as we were riding along I yelled at a guy if he wanted to come to church he said ok, we went to the church, showed him around, and shared a message. It was a pretty cool miracle expect I think he might be a little bit out of the taiwanese norm.
The next great miracle was with Michael He. He brought his son and we shared a message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our member was awesome he started to share about the spirit and Bro. He really desired the spirit. He also said that this week his wife bought a lot of coffee and tea but this week he has had no desire to drink it which is an amazing blessing.
On friday we had a specialized training and the main focus was on our studies. Studies are one of the most critical parts of missionary work. Without studies, no spirit, no guidance, no knowledge, really we would be nothing without them. President Grimley also to keep our studies going even after our mission. This how we obtain exaltation. Anyways I invite all of you to figure out our own gospel studies were you spend time in the scriptures and feast upon the words of Christ. Its my sincere testimony that the scriptures are in fact the words of christ and we can grow closer to God and the Son through them.
Finally miracle a member brought two kids to church and it was just great. The Lord provides miracles in many forms and usually not how we suspect them.
Anyways lots of love, keep it righteous!
Elder Townsend

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