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Friday, October 7, 2011


Here is the weekly email as follows.
We have had a new discovery. It is called tian bu la. I am not sure exactly what it is, but I love it! Probably get sick of it in a couple of weeks, but it is currently a favorite. Also we have youzi. I forgot what it is called in English. Elder VanDenBerghe is a freak over them. He always is eating them. Its kind of like a giant grapefruit. Its pretty good.
Other News.
This Saturday we had the youth from the ward come out and be missionaries with us! It was great. They came over to the church early in the morning. We had little studies with them. Then we went out and preached! It was great we went knocking on doors and we got let into one and we shared with this older man. We also went contacting at the parks by the trainstation and we had them Dan Jones! Just start preaching the word! It was pretty fun. We also had this old grandpa with a guitar who was also really crazy grab a tract and start going wild preaching the word. It was a little awkward but the kids loved it so it was all good. We finished this little experience by going to zhu bei and having a nice little fireside. It was stressful but a great experience. I wish they had this in America.
Well last week I came across this guy named ken shi (sure). He was really excited to be alive and really excited to hear to a foreigner. I told him a little about us and our free English. He said he had most interest in English, but he was curious about religion as he is looking for something in his life to have that place. He just seemed too good to be true. So I set him up right before English Class. He came and he was awesome. A bit hard to teach. He talks a lot and really fast. Just a great blessing that I could understand it. It is crazy how the Lord can bless and help out. Unfortunately since he talked so much, we were only able to share with how to prayer. He kept going off on so many tangents we couldn't share the message we prepared for him. That's ok, he'll be back and love the gospel.
Next we have Daniel Huang. Daniel is a really great guy and he is so close to baptism. The main thing with him is that he is afraid of that last step you can almost say. Hopefully with this coming weekend having General conference he can receive his answer so he will be ready for baptism the weekend after. Its hard to almost watch him because is so good, but at the same time there is something there that is keeping him from enjoying all the blessings.
He dixiong is good. He went two weeks without drinking coffee or tea! This week though he had a cup of coffee. I was mostly just impressed that he had gone that long without anything! It means he is starting to keep all of his commitments! He had been struggling with keeping commandments for a while but he is getting better! He is finally starting to have the change he has been looking for.
Well got to split,
Lots of love!
Elder Townsend

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