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Monday, October 24, 2011

I have some saddening news. My dear little friend of the past six weeks, Elder VanDenBerghe is being moved over to Taibei so that means... I have a new companion!
You will have to wait to next week to know his name. I am not quite sure how to spell it or say so I figure next week (after being with him for a week will be easier to have his name down)
Here is the Rundown of Last week...
We had a couple of different cooked rices... I don't know what they are in Chinese so I don't how you in English, but they weren't too bad. Also we had these fried eggs and inside they had some weird little things in it. I decided I would hurry and eat so I could get it off of my plate. Bad mistake. The member gave me more of it.
On preparation day we made mexican food! Not too shabby. This week we also had stake conference. It was good, we had a less active come, Larry du! He is hilarious. He was a little restless during the meeting which was hard, but it was ok! Also sunday as we were contacting we bumped into some croaking friends. Couldn't resist snapping a picture with the monster. Also on Sunday we had some crazy member from another ward follow us. She kept trying to tell me that I couldn't talk to the people on the street because they were lamanites and that they would corrupt me. I could only speak to members because they were nephites. Also she asked me how long it takes to the train station and I said around 15 to 20 minutes. (I don't know exact we always contact to there so it takes 30 or so minutes) She said this was lamanite language and that the nephites say exactly how long it takes because the Holy Ghost tells them exactly how long it takes. She also went off on some other crazy lectures and I just kept praying. There is my testimony of the week. I was getting really mad and it was bugging everyone there, but I remembered to breathe and say a prayer. I just prayed for the patience and calmness to come down. It did. I still thought she was out of her mind (which she is), but I could now handle the situation.
This week we meet with xiao ma! (Its his nickname and it means little horse, pony). Xiao ma is classified as a social type. We had invited a peike to help us out and xiao ma would as for example and more explaination on everything. If we didn't have a peike, I don't know if we would have survived. He is a great guy and we with the spirit have some work to do. Starting to pray for some humbling experiences, just to help him to rely on the Lord. I really like him, he is young, 21, and wants to know everything. We will take it nice and easy and he will make his baptismal date! So last week pan dixiong, was really good. We saw him a lot last week and he said that the he loves praying morning, night and all throughout the day. He shares with us the experiences he has had. Unfortunately bro. pan might have a while before he gets baptized and that's if he can get baptized. Bro. Pan back in the day killed someone. I don't know why but there are a lot of killers. I still love him and love how the gospel is changing his life, but its hard when you have that heavy of burden we have to deal with.
Anyways lots of love!
Elder Townsend

Buster and his creatures...just as long as they don't come home with him...

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