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Monday, October 24, 2011

Wassup...(honestly Bust... Oct 16th letter)

Sorry quick email this week. Well the big things this week I had interview with President Grimley. He said I was going home next week. He told me I'm not doing any good. Totally kidding but seriously he didn't(did) tell me the two options of when I can go home. Scary. Time does fly. I still have lots of time so its ok!
Well this week I took the advice of a wise somewhat old man, and have been praying for who's life I could l touch today and that I would be able to recognize him or her. Well we were at the park and We just finished praying and I look up and see a man on the bench. (Recognize this pattern yet?) I go sit next to him. we start talking and he isn't looking to good but I decided to keep talking with him. Pretty soon he spills his guts with all his problems how his family won't let him go home. His boss hasn't paid him and all the difficulties he has encountered. It was really sad. He said he wanted to change so I told him how. He told me he would come to church on sunday but he didn't have any contact information. Usually not a good sign. I trusted him. This sunday I get a call from a landline and it was him he told me he was running a bit late. He came and in our sunday school lesson we talked about agency and all the important decisions we make. we had to write down all the decisions down and which one was most important and I peek at his and it said to change his life. He also talked during the lesson which was huge. He said he was thinking about changing his life when I showed up. The Lord does answer our prayers and I know this work is in God's hands. We are his ministering angels to a people in a strange land, and yet the Lord has been mindful of us.
Lots of love, smile and enjoy the weather.
Elder Townsend

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