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Saturday, October 15, 2011

This isn't monkey business unless it is language study...(where does Buster get these titles from???)

Hope everyone is doing well! Thank you for the recent letters and packages! It makes me feel all good warm and fuzzy inside to think that someone loves me! Taiwan is great and I'll give you the quick break down of this last week's time in the service.
Ate the curry egg rice. Translation is a little rough, but basically what it is a scoop of rice. Curry on top of it. A giant egg, within the egg has lamb or beef, chicken, or pork. Its really good. The man who opens the place is named Richard and he is from Singapore. (I think)
Other News
This week was Elder VanDenBerghe's Birthday so I made him a dinosaur, moose, and rattle snake pancake. I am pretty sure he was impressed with my pancake pouring skill.
Also this week for our lunch language study we went to the zoo which was about .30 cents in America. (Isn't that sweet?!) Saw lots of animals and learned a lot of them in chinese. Except the names aren't the basic ones, they are more specific correct names which is still ok. Finally this weekend we had conference! It was fantastic, I loved it so much. Again it was like Christmas, long anticipated, made me feel all good, and was gone before I knew it. Its ok though there was still a lot that I learned and a lot I didn't catch onto so these next sixths monthes will be spent studying their teachings and more importantly applying them here in my life and the lives of our brother and sisters here in Taiwan. The biggest thing that I pulled out of Conference is that we have a living loving Heavenly Father that is willing to help us with anything. He is always there. As I watched conference and listen to our prophet share his testimony of our Father in Heaven I could feel His presence draw ever nearer. After watching and praying in gratitude for Conference, it was easy to bare testimony of His love for his Children and I could feel the truth of His Reality linger upon those words. I know God lives. He loves you and He loves me. I know we have a Prophet called of God who is leading us today. His counselors, the apostles, and the other general authority and general auxiliary leaders messages are from Heaven. They shared what we needed to hear.
Daniel Huang is struggling in the Gospel. He is right there, but we can't force any one to come unto God. He just needs to recognize his Heavenly Father's hand and Jesus Christ's ultimate sacrifice and how they are in his everyday life, if he lets them.
Well I found two brothers on Sunday and they were great. The older brother was excited about baptism and the only concern he had was that his clothes would get ruined when he went into the water. I don't know why so many people have this concern. ha I just tell them we have clothes they can wear. Oh I met them playing basketball sat down and talked to them. Besides basketball they also like break dancing. I think its pretty cool and they are pretty funny.
Well I am running out of time but thanks, know that I love all of you and have a great week!
Elder Townsend

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