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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept 11th "Hombre on the Island"...gotta love that kid...

Well some big news... I am staying in xinzhu and I am going Senior Companion! ha What adds more to the excitement is my new companion (we are actually going co-senior) is... Elder VanDenBerghe! The same one from the MTC! So its going to be a bit interesting in every factor of the work, but trust in the Lord, go and do, and the Lord will take care of it!
Well first a little testimony on prayer. We went running in the morning and one of the members came along with us. He had set his keys and towell down and we went running around the track. When we came back his keys and towel were gone. We looked and couldn't find them. Not sure what to do we went out and still couldn't find them. I suggested we say a little prayer and the member was a bit doubting of it. We say the prayer and we go look. Within 2 minutes we found them. Even though it was a little insignicant thing it taught us three things. 1. Need to humble ourselves. 2. God listens to prayers. 3. He answers us through tender little mercies.
Later that day we get a call from a less active. He asked if we could come watch him for a while. He has parkinsons I believe. He is awesome. We talked about his growing up and we read scriptures with him. It was pretty funny because I asked him if we could read his favorite scriptures with him and he said it was moroni 7.45-48. It was great because the week or two before I had shared that with him. Well he had to get up to go the bathroom after he called for our help to walk back to the chair. He could barely walk and I had to hold him up to get back to the chair. He almost fell a few times. It took about 10 minutes for him to walk from the back of the chair to front to sit down. Made me thankful for my youth and health. He asked if we could give him a blessing and we did it. It was a really humbling experience.
The next biggish thing is that I went on exchanges with Elder Erickson the Zone leader. It was fun we had some sweet lessons. One of the them sister we were teaching just kind of broke down and told us all the problems she has with her husband and son. She says she has to yell at him on the phone when he is at the bar and karoeke with his friends for him to come back because if she doesn't he won't return. It was really frustrating how the men here treat their families. Fortunately we had a sweet member help us out. It went really well and it was good. The next one This sister came in a little depressed and she herself has no confidence. In fact she hates herself. We started to share with her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she really got it. She actually became really happy and she realized she was a daughter of God. She decided there that she was good enough to be baptized and she left with a hop in her step and a smile on her face. The Gospel of Jesus Christ will change peoples lives and I know that because I felt of his love and He changes my life everyday.
Lots of Love from your hombre on the island,
Elder Townsend

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