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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sept 6th

Hello Everyone!
Well this week was pretty good. We spent a lot of time finding. I love finding. So this is basically how we find in Taiwan and xin zhu. So every light I basically attack someone ( go up and start talking to them and try to get to pull to the side of the road to continue talking) If I see people on the side of the street I will try to go talk to them without getting hit by a car, scooter or bus. The most popular method in our area is go to this park near the train station and there are usually a lot of people (try to avoid friday night too many snuggly teenage/any age couples, its weird). Contacting and finding is almost like how it is Alma with the sons of Mosiah. Teach them in the streets, parks, homes, Can't in their temples, and anywhere else. So out on the street I will pray with them share the gospel, use how to begin teaching (greatest tool ever and can apply to situation), and invite them to be baptized. Just as the scriptures say the field is white to harvest and we must thrust in our sickles. Even though I say this we do get rejected a LOT, but that's just part of the process. Anyways this week I was able to sit down on a bench and share with this man. He said that he has been contacted by churches before, but none of them have ever prayed with him. It was awesome and really spiritual. We also meet with him this week again at the church and he has real desire. Unfortunately he might live in the other Elder's Area so we will have to hand him over, but its OK! Its the Lord's work. Bringing out the light of Christ in everyone.
Finally this sunday we went over to the Bishop's house. Ah he is awesome! We talked for awhile with what we could do to help and what he expects out of us. It was awesome. The Leaders here know how to do work and are really brave and courageous. They aren't afraid to spread the Gospel which is huge because that is a huge concern of many people here.
Anyways loves and byebye!
Elder Townsend
They have a phone in the bathroom so they can multi task with other missionaries....yikes!

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