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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Elder VanDenBerghe...comp from the MTC

Well Elder VanDenBerghe is..................................................... Great! This has been some of the best time on my mission! We just work and work and yet we still have fun! Its crazy to think that the two of us used to be sitting in a classroom back in Provo, Utah thinking about how we should survive out in Taiwan and of course we knew back then that we would be companions so it scared us little (or a lot) and now its actually happening! It really has been good and we are already learning a lot together. This week we spent a lot of time finding. (If you forgot how we find review previous emails) So it was really good, but at the same time really hard. We had some successes and sometimes not so much at all. There are days when the peoples' hearts are a little bit softer and other days where you are teaching a rock. Luckily, I have a companion who can cheer me when we hit those days. Elder VanDenBerghe decided when we were in the park to go teach 7 grandpas and use a picture book. Half of them only spoke taiwanese and the one translating for Elder VDB was apparently really sassy. It was really funny to turn around after rejected and seeing him standing in the midst of them with a picture book.
This week my trainer Elder Sessions came back and went on exchangese with us. The night before we taught English class with me. It was so great we had a lot of fun it was fun to be able to teach with him again. Its funny how much your trainer can turn into your role model (For the most part) Come on the island and are completely dependent upon him for the most part and he teaches you everything you should know to be a missionary. Well it finally came time to drop Elder Sessions off so we hop on the first train (trying to be fast of course). After Ten minutes or so we realized we should have already hit our destination. We ask a train waiter where the next stop was and it wasn't too close to our destination lets say. It was ok and we were still able to have some good time to talk.
Finally this Saturday was clean the Earth day and we went and cleaned the earth! Basically pick up half a million cigarette buds and firework pieces. By the beach we found a bit more trash trash, so we got that too. Yep service is great and even though it was small, we were still doing it. In the end it spark two people's interest in the church and hopefully we can help them know recieve all of it.
Lots of love,

Is it any wonder people look at missionaries kind of funny..... :)

Earth Day! Saving the planet one cigarette butt at a time!

Hmmm pretty high place to plank....wonder if the guy in the background is thinking "another stupid American"!
Elder Townsend

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