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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Island July 17th letter

OK picture break down. First one for all of those graduated 2010. ha Thought it was pretty funny that Taiwan got the vibe to be alive.
Next is just riding to email this morning (almost killed myself trying to take the picture) I saw the rainbow and thought it was a cool picture. (All why riding, I had a box on the back of my bike and it was not easy to get the camera) Finally my stallion, I don't know if you have ever seen it but here it is!
Ok this week we went up to Hualian for Junior Companion Specialized Training! ha It was great, President asked if I could conduct. It was awesome the congegration was five in total with four sitting behind me. It still scared me though. Ha But seriously, it was a spiritual experience overall. I learned a ton especially about our focus of this transfer of unity. It was cool they pointed out in Mosiah 24 that 450 souls worked in perfect unity gathering  up the herds and flocks in the middle of the night without waking anyone up. That is complete unity. Not one squeal from an animal and you can think too. what if half or or a quarter wasn't unified? They wouldn't be able to gather or accomplish their goal and in the end be freed. I thought it was just an amazing experience.
Well English Class I taught them about ghost stories and told them a few. They are the most lifeless people. No reaction, no laughing, no smiling, and no fear. ha They just sat there. I asked if them if they understood and they did for the most part. They also liked them, but it just didn't show forth on their faces or body. ha It was pretty funny and kind of disappointing.
Well this weekend Elder Murphy and I went on splits. Elder Murphy is a transfer ahead of me so I knew him in the mtc. We were out tracting and we started helping these people with car. We come to find out that they are trying to get a cat out of their car. Somehow a kitten had crawled in under carriage of the car and was chilling with the engine. They had been working for the last two hours on trying to get it out. We never got it out and it just kept meowing the whole time. Poor kitty. We tried to use the opportunity to teach but he was strange guy. They were nice and we definitely made friendly relations but they have no interest in the Gospel. Its ok because we were able to help them out! Oh thank you uncle alan for the flashlight again. It did work. ha their flashlight couldn't get the job done.

Well lots of love, hope to hear how everyone is doing!
Elder Townsend


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